Do you offer this service in the US?

Currently, we’re only providing support for UK press but the additional content is universal (social media, email marketing, search engine optimisation and Google Adwords).

Why should I sign up?

We understand that brands don’t want to spend thousands on PR each month but if you’re not doing anything then you can’t expect to be featured in magazines. Our emails allow you to follow and email editors to tell them about your product whilst also giving you an understanding of the features they write.

Is the subscription tailored to me?

Our subscriptions are tailored to a category, not a specific brand. This allows us to keep the price low for everyone and give you the tools you need to run your own PR.  We have regular sessions where you can ask questions and get feedback from others, so you’re never left to fend for yourself.

What's included each month?

Each month you will receive the contact details, brief description and focus for editors who compile monthly (long-lead), weekly (short-lead) and online stories.

You also have access to a private Twitter account which posts regular press requests, and Instagram account filled with PR Tips and Jargon Busting support, along with a private Facebook account to share knowledge and get feedback from others.

Alongside that we are live every week to answer your questions and guide you along further.

What publications are included?

Mainstream popular UK publications including RED, Stylist, Evening Standard, Metro, Vogue, Grazia, Look, Country Living, and newspaper supplements.

How will I know what to do when contacting the press?

Once you subscribed you will start to receive daily and weekly content. Here you can find helpful advice, guides and tips on exactly how to manage your contacts and approach the press.

What if I haven't got time to do my own PR?

Hiring an intern one day a week to focus solely on your PR is a great way to get the ball rolling. As we often say, if you’re not doing anything then you’re not going to be featured in magazines.

I've completed the trial, why haven't I got any coverage yet?

PR is an ongoing process and that requires time and persistence in order to see results. The idea behind the subscription is that at £49 per month, small brands can build a database of contacts over time and learn how to do PR themselves for a minimal expense. Brands with great product and commitment to their PR will see the best results.